We have used this book as the anchor for our district middle school literacy action plan this year. We find it is a relatively inexpensive way to provide middle school content teachers with a common language and experience for literacy strategies. Many teachers recognize strategies in the book that they already use, so that familiarity builds confidence. However, we recommend that teachers try the strategies the way that they are written, like a recipe, and then modify as they become more used to how the strategy works with their content and students. Teachers do need to see the strategies modeled either with a reading they do themselves or by a coach in their classrooms to understand the richness of the strategies and the benefits to students. It is a great compilation of reading strategies in an accessible format. - Lori DiGisi

The Thinkquiry Tool Kit 1: Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development Across the Content Areas is one of the texts that I require in the my graduate course on "Literacy Strategies Across Curriculum Areas." Teachers comment that the explanations are clear, templates easy to use, and the applications to social studies, math and science units/lessons are very helpful. - Doris Belisle-Bonneau

Best resource for teachers and administrators, well written and has reading and writing strategies all in one place with worksheets. - Mark Richards